Monday, December 8, 2014

Yen Sid - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania (Page 26 Bottom Half)

The great sorcerer who watches over the world:
Yen Sid

KH Appearances: 2, BbS, Re:coded, 3D
First Disney Movie: Fantasia (1940)

“Boy who was chosen by the Key Blade, you are the key to opening the door to the light.”

He is a great sorcerer who lives in the Mysterious Tower and has been a protector watching over the balance of light and dark.  He is well acquainted with Key Blade Masters such as Eraques and Xehanort and is also the master of King Mickey.  He leads Sora and the other Key Blade heroes in order to stop the plans of Xehanort from the world being covered in darkness.

[2]He is always watching the movement of both the light and the darkness and helps Sora get ready for his newest journeys, telling the Key Blade wielders how they should proceed with their journeys.

[3D]He carries out the Mark of Mastery Exam for Sora and Riku in order to get ready for the revival of the Key Blade War which Master Xehanort threatens to bring about.

Passing on the future to the young Key Blade wielders.

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