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Xaldin - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania (Page 40 Bottom Half)

Six spears of gale lead by the power of the wind:

KH Appearances: 2, Days
Organization XIII No.3
Element: Wind

“Don’t trust anyone.  Release your anger.  Only your anger can make you stronger.”

One of the original 6 members of the organization, he is a large black haired man who utilizes the power of the wind and 6 long spears as weapons.  He has a silver tongue and knows how to control people into getting his own way.  He even tried to make Beast a pawn of the organization but was defeated by Sora and eventually revived as a human.

[2]Not only a talented warrior, but also excellent with speech, Xaldin planned on creating a Heartless and a Nobody from Beast to become strength of the organization, and used his words to light a fire in Beast’s emotions, bringing about his rage and hatred.

[2]Wind surrounds Xaldin allowing his 6 spears to travel in any which direction.  This level of combat was considerably high even among the organization members.

Dilan (Human Era)
KH Appearances: BbS, Re:Coded (only in secret movie in 2.5), 3D

Before losing his heart and becoming a Nobody, he was one of Ansem the Wise’s apprentices and a member of the attack squad tasked with protecting the castle gates at Radian Garden.  After his revival as a human he remained in a slumber.

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