Sunday, December 21, 2014

Larxene - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania (Page 44 Bottom Half)

The high maintenance and overconfident strange but beautiful woman:

KH Appearances: COM, 2FM (In memory scenes and as secret bosses), Days
Organization XIII No.12
Element: Thunder

“You’ll have to excuse me, I’m in a very bad mood right now.”

The only female in Organization XIII who utilizes the power of thunder and is a master with knives.  She has beautiful looks but her personality is cruel and arrogant as she feels joy in hurting the hearts of others.  She joined Marluxia in his plans to take over the organization but was defeated by Sora during the operation and vaporized.

[COM]It doesn’t matter to whom she speaks, she insists on looking down upon others and chooses words which will do the most harm to them, which gives her joy seeing their emotional pain.

[COM]Despite looking down upon and hurting others with ease, when anyone insults her she can’t take it and gets angry quickly.  Once she is angered there is no stopping her.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Axel - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania (Page 32)

The dancing wind of fire who bonded a friendship with Roxas:

KH Appearances: COM, 2, Days, coded (hallucination), BbS (Secret movie)
Organization XIII No.8
Element: Fire

A young man with red hair like burning flames who is able to willfully utilize both his chakrams and the element of fire.  Although he is a member of Organization XIII, he often puts his own will and pursuits before others, and thus is thought by other members not to be on top of things.  Because he took an interest in his friend Roxas’ original self: Sora, it ended up leading to him to try to help Sora, which lead to his death, which in turn ultimately lead to the revival of his human form.  When he speaks he has a habit of asking people “Got it memorized?”

[COM]At Castle Oblivion Axel gives advice to Sora and Namine while taking care of the traitors to the organization as well as those who get in his way and he ended up being the only survivor of the organization members sent to Castle Oblivion.

[2]At first he thought if he turned Sora into a Heartless he would be able to meet with Roxas again, Axel went against the will of the organization, and during the course of events he ended up attempting to help Sora.

[Days]Axel was conspiring with Saix and moving along a certain plan.  However, after becoming friends with Roxas and Xion, Axel and Saix grew apart.

“Get it memorized.  We are best friends.”

Lea (Human Era)
KH Appearances: BbS, Re:Coded (only in secret movie in 2.5), 3D

Axel after his Nobody was defeated and his human form restored.  While searching for his comrades who had also been restored to their human forms, he befriended King Mickey and helped saved Minnie at Disney Castle as well as assisted in saving Sora from Organization XIII’s castle.

As a young boy (BbS):
Approximately 10 years prior to KH1, Lea was a young boy.  He had a cheerful personality and used Frisbees as weapons.  By chance he ended up meeting Ventus in town and challenging him to a battle.

[3D]After being asked by Yen Sid to learn to use a Key Blade, Lea tried and in the end successfully materialized his Keyblade.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vexen - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimanai Page 41 (Top Half)

The chilly scholar of high pride:

KH Appearances: COM, 2FM (In memory scenes and as secret bosses), Days
Organization XIII No.4
Element: Ice

“Do you really have any value- we’ll have to test that thoroughly to find out.”

A researcher member of the organization who loves nothing more than collecting data and running tests.  Both Riku Replice and Xion were his creations.  He also takes pride in being one of the initial members to join the organization and looks down upon others with numbers lower than his own.  After falling victim to Marluxia’s plans and being vaporized by Axel, his human form was restored.

[COM]Despite being an intelligent scientist who would appear to have a cool head, he actually has a short temper.  He is quick to get angry when being provoked by rookies Marluxia and Larxene.

[COM]He is generally doing research and making things such as Riku Replica, but when necessary he can fight using a shield which harnesses the power of ice.

Even (Human Era)
KH Appearances: BbS, Re:Coded (only in secret movie in 2.5), 3D

While he was an apprentice to Ansem the Wise he helped with the study of the heart as well as took care of the orphaned Ienzo.  Even after returning to a human, his condition has not yet settled and he remains in slumber.