Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Xion - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Page 45 (Top Half)

The mysterious 14th member:

KH Appearances: Days, coded, BbS, 3D
coded, BbS and 3D were all as mirages

Organization No. 14 (i)
Element: ---
Keyblade: Kingdom Chain

A rookie in the organization as the 14th member.  Her true identity is a replica puppet created from Sora’s memories and using Kairi as a model for her body, created to absorb the ability to use the Keyblade from Roxas.  However, through spending time with Roxas and Axel, she begins to feel a deep friendship for them and in the end decides she must return to Sora.

“I am not allowed to exist?”

[Days]Xion’s image changes in the eyes of other depending on whom looks upon her.  Even Roxas could only see a girl in a hood before becoming close to her.

[Days]Upon meeting Riku, she learns that she has been absorbing Roxas’ powers and Sora’s memories and becomes severely troubled regarding her own existence.

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