Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vexen - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimanai Page 41 (Top Half)

The chilly scholar of high pride:

KH Appearances: COM, 2FM (In memory scenes and as secret bosses), Days
Organization XIII No.4
Element: Ice

“Do you really have any value- we’ll have to test that thoroughly to find out.”

A researcher member of the organization who loves nothing more than collecting data and running tests.  Both Riku Replice and Xion were his creations.  He also takes pride in being one of the initial members to join the organization and looks down upon others with numbers lower than his own.  After falling victim to Marluxia’s plans and being vaporized by Axel, his human form was restored.

[COM]Despite being an intelligent scientist who would appear to have a cool head, he actually has a short temper.  He is quick to get angry when being provoked by rookies Marluxia and Larxene.

[COM]He is generally doing research and making things such as Riku Replica, but when necessary he can fight using a shield which harnesses the power of ice.

Even (Human Era)
KH Appearances: BbS, Re:Coded (only in secret movie in 2.5), 3D

While he was an apprentice to Ansem the Wise he helped with the study of the heart as well as took care of the orphaned Ienzo.  Even after returning to a human, his condition has not yet settled and he remains in slumber.

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