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Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Secret Movie Collection (Page 246 – 254)

Secret Movie Collection

By clearing certain requirements throughout the KH series, special videos can be viewed.  Here we will look back at those videos.

Another side, Another story… [KH1]

A man in a black coat confronts a man with his eyes covered in the middle of a downpour.  Being the first of the KH secret movies, it brought about a lot of speculation.

The man wielding 2 Keyblades in the black coat is Roxas.  The silver haired man is Riku, who in the midst of a meteor storm takes off his blindfold.  It begins with Roxas’ questions and countless words appear across the screen, finally showing a girl at the shore.

“Where is Sora?”

deep dive [KH1FM]

A more in depth version of the KH1 secret movie.  It shows Riku and Roxas fight and Roxas speaking with Xemnas at the Dark Margin.

Scenes include Sora standing at the crossroads among the grass (KHCOM opening) and a letter in a bottle reaching the shore of the Dark Margin (KH2 ending) etc., as well as Roxas showing up in The World that Never Way (from the end parts of KH Days).

Roxas runs up a building and throws a Keyblade at Riku.  As if expecting it Riku dives from the building and catches the Keyblade.  Both of them meet eyes as they pass by eachother.

After a scene with other men in black coats, the king is shown sporting the same black coat and holding a Keyblade.

“I went to meet him.  He’s a lot like you.”

Two men talk at the Dark Margin; Roxas and Xemnas.  After that it fades to black and Sora is floating near the Dark Margin.

“I’ve begun to remember.  The real…”

The Gathering [KH2]

Three people in armor (KH BbS heroes) gather.  The word gathering also appears in deep dive.

In a baron area a sturdy man (Terra), a thin girl (Aqua) and a small boy (Ventus) come together.  They take Keyblades which were stuck in the sand and look onward towards the figure of a person coming from within a sandstorm.

“Everything – is birthed by sleep.”

Birth by sleep [KH2FM]

Directly after The Gathering, showing the ending part of KH BbS.  Since the movie is more than 4 minutes it is something you won’t want to miss.

From the sand clouds emerges an old man with an unpleasant smile: Master Xehanort and his servant Vanitas.  Master Xehanort and the three gatherers glare at each other.  Stopping Ventus and going on ahead, Terra begins the battle.

There is an obvious difference in their power as Master Xehanort overpowers the three gatherers.  The three gatherers become defensive as they are being overwhelmed.

In the middle of the raging battle, Master Xehanort raises his hand to the sky and Kingdom Hearts is revealed.  The king who has arrived at the battlegrounds watches this sight.

“There is no coincidence in fate.”

“All fate is inevitable, and all those fates will come together in time awaiting the time of awakening of a new story.”

Blank Points [BbS]

Blank Points is composed of several short episodes.  These show the key people in the story and end off with the feeling of Sora setting out on a journey.

Hidden truths

Terra is still fighting deep within his heart even after his body was taken over by Master Xehanort.  Terra shows confidence that at time he will be able to eject Xehanort from his body.  However, Xehanort hints that he has a secret plan.

“I have already comprised many plans.  The seeds have already been sown.”

Image of their back, preserved in memory

“So the memory loss wasn’t just an act.  Aw, crap.”

Xehanort, a young man protected at the research facility of Ansem the Wise.  Braig who knew his origin, and this suspiciously speaks to him.  Passing by, Ansem the Wise and Ienzo watch their backs as they walk together.

Two who were never meant to meet

“Everything is birthed by sleep.  Yes, even you.”

After a passage of time, Aqua ends up at the Dark Margin where Ansem the Wise lingers.  Aqua asks of the state of affairs with the world, and Ansem the Wise begins to speak of a young boy.  He who saved the world various times and is the power of connected hearts.

All the pieces lie where they fell

Nimine, Xion, Roxas, Ventus, Terra and Aqua.  Those who have fallen to sleep and await the time of awakening, they all mention the name of one boy: Sora.


Where they wait for him…

While reading a letter from the king, Sora gets ready to head out on a new journey.  Kairi gives Sora a Wayfinder (promise charm) again and sends him off with a smile.

I have to go take back all that is connected to me.”

A fragmentary passage [BbS FM]

Comprised of various video images including that of which has not been shown before.

Aqua who has been wandering the Realm of Darkness for some time comes across something she can’t believe.  Something which shouldn’t be in the Realm of Darkness.  The Castle of Dreams.  Aqua cannot hide how shaken she is to learn that a world she had visited before had been consumed by darkness.


The king travels through the Dark Realm and Kairi heads to the mansion in Twilight Town, quickly revealing the scent of a new mysterious episode.  Sora longing for the sea on Destiny Island and Ventus sleeping at Castle Oblivion vanish without warning.

Omen to a new stage [Re:coded]

Yen Sid realizes that with Ansem and Xemnas defeated, Master Xehanort would be revived.  This episode deals a lot with KH 3D.

The king wishes to save his former comrades Terra, Ventus and Aqua, while Yen Sid reveals that Master Xehanort is a resourceful tactician and is worried as what may come.  Fearing there may be several Xehanorts, he decides it’s time to hold a Mark of Mastery Exam.

“What if it was not just one Xehanort…”

One more guardian of light [3D]

In preparation to fight against the True Organization XIII, Yen Sid has Riku bring someone to the Mysterious Tower.

Young Xehanort having returned to his own time and place watches the horizon as his will to travel from the island is set.  Aqua is also somewhere watching the sea with a peaceful look.

The darkness awakens
The light in the darkness
leads to the last key

In opposition of Master Xehanort’s 13 Darknesses, 7 Guardians of Light must be gathered.  Riku returns to Yen Sid and the king who were reflecting upon that situation.  With him, Riku brings Kairi.

“I heard you too can wield a Keyblade, and that is why I summoned you here.”

Everything connects to Kingdom Hearts 3

Braig: “That was some troublesome arrangements, but I suppose everything is going according to plan.”

Young Xehanort: “Have you heart of the Lost Master?”

Young Xehanort: “Master Xehanort’s Keyblade has that bequeathed will.”

Braig: “First time I’ve heard that.  Where’d you hear it?”

Young Xehanort: “On his land, the light will lose to the darkness.  I’m sure you’ve heard this.”

Braig: “Well now, who should we bring with us?”

And then...

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