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Kingdom Hearts Memorial - King Mickey (Page 22 - 23)

The great Keyblade wielder who watches over the Realm of Light:
King Mickey

KH Appearances: 1, COM, 2, Days, coded, BbS, 3D
First Appearance: Steamboat Willie
Keyblades: Kingdom Chain D, etc.

The king of Disney Castle and one of the Keyblade Masters.  He studied under the great sorcerer Yen Sid, and together they watched over the Realm of Light.  While having a calm and gentle personality, he also has a very strong sense of justice, leaving the castle in Queen Minnie’s hands each time he senses danger in order to journey out and resolve the situation.  He has built a strong bond with Sora, Riku, Ventus, Aqua and others he has met during his battles with dark forces.

Normal Clothing [2, coded, 3D]:  An original outfit using Mickey Mouse’s symbolic red color scheme.

“Don’t worry.  We’ll find the door to the light.”

With the help of Sora, he prevents darkness from overflowing in the Realm of Light by locking the Door to Darkness, even though he and Riku remain in the Realm of Darkness.

Training Era [BbS]: The clothes he wore during his training under Yen Sid (were black).  He used the Star Seeker, which Sora also uses in KH2 after receiving it from Yen Sid.

Encounters experienced during his training era:
-Both he and Ventus were currently in training yet they had both run off from their masters which gave them a sense of affinity.
-When Kairi was in danger at Radian Gardens, he worked with Aqua to defeat the dark beasts attacking Kairi.
-When Ventus and Aqua were thrown into the space corridor from the destruction of the χ-Blade, Mickey saves them and brings them to the Mysterious Tower.

The bond of friendship developed with Riku:
At Castle Oblivion, while Riku is facing off against Ansem lurking within his heart, Mickey encourages Riku to keep going.  After the battle, Mickey decides to continue traveling with Riku.

Clothing in KH COM [COM]: At the beginning of the story he is helping Riku in spirit from far away, but gets to Castle Oblivion to help wearing this clothing (with the grey vest).

Black Coat [COM, 2, Days]: After the journey at Castle Oblivion, Mickey receives a black coat from DiZ.  Mickey’s coat was specially tailored to fit on top of his ears.

“We’re alright and we’re free.  Helping friends in trouble is only natural.”

While watching Organization XIII’s movements and searching for the lost Ansem the Wise, Mickey also helped out Sora and the others during their quest.

Mickey meets up with Riku again when Riku is trying to repair Sora’s memory.  Riku leaves protecting Sora up to Mickey as Riku heads out to face off against Roxas.

During the battle with the dark army at Hallow Bastion, Mickey is first into battle and shows his superior abilities as a warrior of light.

Realizing there is something hidden in the first Jiminy Note which contained Sora’s travels, he requests that a Data version of Sora investigate.

When Sora and Riku who were in the middle of the Mark of Mastery Exam fell into Master Xehanort trap, Mickey rushes in by himself in order to save them.

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