Friday, November 21, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Riku-replica (Page 45 bottom half)

A puppet identical to Riku created by the organization:

KH Appearances: COM

A replica puppet Vexen created using sample battle data from Riku.  Although his appearance and abilities are equal to those of the real Riku, he feels he is nothing more than a fake which causes him to have an inferiority complex, and he ended up losing to the real Riku in battle.

[COM]At first he was enthusiastic about having the chance to defeat both the real Riku and Sora, but when Namine used her power to change his memory and make him forget he was a fake, he began to behave more like the real Riku.

[COM]Unlike the real Riku, he has no fear of the darkness, and holds no hesitation when it comes to using dark powers in battle.

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