Friday, November 7, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Donald Duck (Page 24)

The confident and slightly short-tempered palace mage:
Donald Duck

KH Appearances: 1, COM, 2, Days (only in Mission Mode), coded, BbS, 3D
First Appearance: The Wise Little Hen (1934)

An old friend of the king’s and the palace mage of Disney Castle.  He meets Sora when he and Goofy head out in search of the king who had disappeared.  At first he worked together with Sora simply on the king’s request to go with the holder of the key, but after all they went through together, they formed a strong bond.  Although his magic is impressive, he has his faults of being frivolous and easily angered.

“Leave the magic to me!”

[1]Trying to respect orders from the king, Donald parts ways wish Sora, but in the end chooses his friendship with Sora.

[COM]When Sora’s memory had been altered and Sora had forgotten who he was and tried to rush off ahead, Donald was there promptly to help him.

[2]Donald sometimes shows a greedy side when it comes to money and has to be reminded of what’s important by those around him.

[BbS] Donald heads to the Mysterious Tower upon hearing that the king had suddenly left Yen Sid’s tower.  He meets Ventus while waiting for the king to return.

Palace Mage Clothing [1, coded, BbS, 3D]: The clothing he wears at Disney Castle and Mysterious Tower with a wizard’s hat which is the main point of Donald’s palace mage clothing.

Go to the king for whom he holds greatest respect……

[coded]Donald feels and shows a deep friendship for Data Sora in the Jiminy Note, as if he were the real Sora.

[3D]Donald rushes into the enemy base in order to assist Sora and Riku as well as Mickey who had gone to save them, despite knowing the dangers he would face.

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