Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Saix - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania (Page 42 Bottom)

The organization’s adjutant warlock who dances on the moon:

KH Appearances: 2, Days, 3D
Organization XIII No.7
Element: Moon

“Along with Kingdom Hearts, we too will become whole.”

Showing almost no changes in emotion he is a cool-headed young man.  Despite not being one of the original members to join the organization, he has received a great deal of trust from Xemnas and was appointed his chief of staff.  Although he was once defeated by Sora, he revived as one of the 13 Seekers of Darkness.

[2]With the organization’s goal of completing the Kingdom Hearts of People’s Hearts in mind, he appears before Sora multiple times forcing Sora to defeat the Heartless.

[Days]Due to being trusted by the leader of the organization; Xemnas, he was made aware of the secret operation revolving around Xion from the start.

KH Appearances: BbS, Re:coded (2.5 Secret movie)
A young boy who lives in Radiant Garden and with his good friend Lea, he tried to sneak into the castle of the wise man.  Eventually he was admissed into the organization, but what exactly are he and Lea planning?

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