Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Marluxia - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Memorial (Page 44 Top)

The elegant assassin’s dagger who attempted a rebellion against the organization:

KH Appearances: COM, 2FM (In memory scenes and as secret bosses), Days
Organization XIII No.11
Element: Flower

“It takes a weak heart to turn your back to the truth.  If that’s the case you don’t stand a chance.”

Despite being a very recent member of Organization XIII, he is highly skilled and was put in charge of the operation at Castle Oblivion.  He joined with Larxene and planned to use Namine’s abilities to control Sora’s will and take over the organization.  However, his plans failed when Axel interfered and he was eventually defeated by Sora.

[COM]Although using Namine’s abilities in order to manipulate Sora was initially part of the organization’s plan, Marluxia intended to make Sora a pawn of his own.

[COM]He appeared in front of Sora while Sora was seeking the King and Riku, and ended up inviting and persuading Sora to go to Castle Oblivion.

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