Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lexseus (Lexaeus) - Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania Page 41 Bottom

The silent but outstanding reticent strong man:
Lexseus (Lexaeus is correct; similar to "Blaig")

KH Appearances: COM, 2FM (In memory scenes and as secret bosses), Days
Organization XIII No.5
Element: Earth

“One with a weak hear who fears the darkness will not be able to defeat I, Lexseus.”

One of the oldest members of the organization; a muscular warrior who wields a large axe.  A man of few words who speaks only the bare minimum and expresses his will further through actions.  He and the others attempted to have Riku follow them at Castle Oblivion and thus he was defeated by Riku whose body was possessed by Ansem.  However, he revived as a human afterwards along with Axel and the others.

[COM]As expected from his rough appearance, he can easily swing his large axe-sword around and obliterate his enemies.

[COM]Along with Vexen and Zexion he attempted to help Marluxia’s rebellion at Castle Oblivion.

KH Appearances: BbS, Re:coded, 3D (2.5 Secret movie)
He was originally one of Ansem the Wise’s apprentices.  Along with duties assisting in Ansem the Wise’s experiments he also served as a guard protecting the palace gates at Radiant Garden along with Dilan.

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  1. I just bought the Memorial Ultimania and I have to say it's was worth buying. And I truly appreciate you translating this book for those who own it. Please do more translation. I know you don't get more views on YouTube and this blog but I do have a suggestion: try registering to any KH forums like KH Insider and share your content to them with scans of the book too if you can. Maybe that will give you some attention in the community. People will at least appreciate the hard work you have put in doing this. I for once appreciate your hard work a lot! Without you I would've been running around the Internet with no lead and more frustration

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