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Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Xehanort Chronology - Terra Xehanort

Terra Xehanort

[BbS] Meeting with opposition from Terra’s lingering will within Terra’s armor, Terra Xehanort is defeated.  The shock wave from the χ-Blade’s destruction sends him flying away and he finds himself in Radiant Garden.
Connects from Master Xehanort
-The armor from this point and time can be encountered by Sora in KH2 FM.  The Lingering Will senses someone aside from Riku to whom he passed down the Keyblade to using that Keyblade and believes it may be one of Xehanort’s men.  However, after sensing the heart of the sleeping Ventus within Sora, he sheaths his sword.

[BbS] Terra Xehanort then faces Aqua at Radiant Garden and is again defeated.  Here he loses his memory and is found unconscious by Braig who brings him into Ansem for protection.
-When Terra Xehanort was defeated by Aqua, he was nearly lost to the Realm of Darkness, but then saved by Aqua.  Aqua's armor was discovered beside Terra Xehanort and along with Terra Xehanort was collected by Ansem.

Terra Xehanort exhibits great potential becoming an apprentice to Ansem the Wise.  During this time he is a test subject for Ansem the Wise, after which he becomes obsessed with studying the darkness in hearts.  He succeeds in creating artificial Heartless.

He exiles Ansem the Wise.  He steals the hearts of the other apprentices of Ansem the Wise, thus making their Nobodies, as well as liberating his own heart which causes his heart to become the Man in the Brown Robe and his body to become Xemnas.
Connects to Man in the Brown Robe and Xemnas.

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